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Healing Light: A Prayer to Dispel Worry and Dread

Updated: Jan 4

Dear God,

This morning, I woke up feeling weighed down by anxiety, wrapped in worry, and filled with a sense of dread. I turn to You, seeking solace, comfort, and clarity.

Lord, please help me. Ease the tightness in my chest, soothe the chaos in my mind, and bring tranquility to my troubled heart. I pray that Your presence surrounds me, filling each moment with light, love, and hope.

Help me to breathe, to find small moments of peace amid the tumult. Guide my thoughts away from fear, directing them towards the assurance of Your unwavering support and infinite love.

Let me feel Your embrace, God, reassuring me that I am not alone, and reminding me of Your constant presence and endless grace.

In the gentleness of this day, allow me to find moments where anxiety loosens its grip, replaced by glimpses of calm and certainty in Your divine protection.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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