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From the Founder's Desk: Finding Light in the Darkness - My Story Behind Pray Sydney

Dear Community,

As the founder of Pray Sydney, I want to share a deeply personal journey that led me to create this platform. In some of the darkest times of my life, I found myself physically and emotionally alone, grappling with challenges that seemed insurmountable. It was during these moments of despair that I discovered the profound comfort of God's presence.

I vividly remember crying out to God, pouring out my heart in raw honesty. Through tears, screams, and pleas, I found solace in the awareness of His presence with me. In those moments, I felt a peace and reassurance that defied explanation – a peace that allowed me to continue on my painful journey.

Through my own life experiences and by observing those close to me, I've come to understand that not everyone finds it easy to pray. While I've been fortunate to have a natural ability to communicate with God through prayer, I've seen others struggle with finding the right words or even knowing how to start.

For many, the struggle to find the words to talk to God or express their feelings can be a significant barrier. That's why I created Pray Sydney – a platform where anyone, regardless of their struggles or doubts, can find solace and connection with God.

With Pray Sydney, you can simply type in a couple of topics or feelings, and instantly find a prayer to help you bare your soul to God. It's about opening yourself up to receive His healing, strength, and support, just as I did during my darkest moments.

Prayer has been my lifeline, the reason I am still here, still alive, and have triumphed over challenges that many should never experience. Now, I am on the other side of that journey, ecstatic to help others reach their potential and find joy in their lives instead of just surviving.

The answer, I've found, is to stay close to God. Through prayer – daily, hourly, every moment if needed – we can keep the lines of communication open with Him. By entrusting our problems to His care through conversation, we can experience His transformative power firsthand.

So, if you're wondering how to stay close to God, my answer is simple: Keep praying. Keep talking to God, pouring out your heart to Him. Watch as your life changes, as God enters your life, walks and talks with you every day. With prayer, you will never be alone again.

Welcome to Pray Sydney, where we journey together in faith, love, and community.

With love and blessings,

Italo Rafael Sanchez

Founder, Pray Sydney


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